All about Uber She++ India (2021)

What is Uber She++?

She++ is Uber’s event for promoting diversity and inclusion. It is a 2-day event that includes interaction with senior leaders at Uber, a fireside chat with women engineers at Uber, and a lot more about Uber’s culture.

Application Dates: Usually opens around March (around Women’s Day).

Eligibility and Selection Process

We received a form to fill out from our Placement cell for this event, around the second week of March. The form included basic details such as college, stream, and CGPA. The 17 best engineering colleges in India were eligible for She++, which included the top 3 NITs (including my college NITK Surathkal), 3 BITS, the top 7–8 IITs, IIITH, and few colleges from Delhi (NSIT, DTU). Almost everyone who registered and met the basic criteria of studying from the above colleges, irrespective of the branch of study, was selected for the next coding round. Basically, 2nd-year students from a 4-year program and 3rd-year students from a 5-year program from the above colleges are eligible for She++. The coding round was on the Code Signal platform and was based on DSA where experience in CP would definitely help. My preparation strategy for She++ was very similar to how I prepared for STEP. The coding round was 300 marks, and I believe all 70 girls selected for She++ 2021 scored 300/300. As far as I know, in 2019 the event took place offline and students were invited to the Uber office where about 30 students were selected. In 2020 and 2021 the event took place online (due to Covid) and about 50–70 students were selected.

Uber She++ Experience

The essence of She++ is to celebrate women in technology! The digital interactive event was conducted for two days on the 25th and 26th March 2021. Day 1 was really insightful as we got to hear from leaders about the work at Uber, the challenges they face, and the culture at Uber. This was followed by Fireside Chat with Women Leaders who shared their journeys and told us how it is like to be a woman who breaks barriers and creates impact, which was very inspiring! Day 2 was all about fun activities and talks with Alumni, mostly new FTEs who were interns at Uber and who joined Uber as Software Engineers last year. We had Breakout room sessions with them which helped clear our doubts on how to proceed and succeed in our tech career, and advice on what Uber looks for in a potential candidate for a Software Engineer at their organization.

We met with amazing girls from the top colleges of India, which was a great networking opportunity. A few other benefits of being a part of She++ is that when Uber comes for the on-campus internship drive (usually around August), She++ winners will be given a direct opportunity to interview with Uber. Another initiative which took place this year for the first time, called Uber STAR, an internship for second-year students (similar to Google STEP). After another coding test for this, about 4 students were selected for Uber STAR from India. A lot of girls I met at She++ were from Electrical, Mechanical, and Civil; so trust me, your branch doesn't matter if you really love coding :)

All 70 of us also got exciting goodies from Uber as winners of Uber She++!

All the best! Keep learning!

CSE Student