The Desis Ascend Educare is a 6-month long training program by D. E. Shaw India for women engineering students passionate about tech.

You can find the official brochure here.

Eligibility: There are 2 different cohorts, one for 2nd-year students, and another for 3rd-year students. …

Eligibility: 2nd and 3rd-year female students studying in India.

Application procedure: Simple procedure asking for a resume and LinkedIn profile. The applications open around August-September every year.

Out of the 9,000+ applicants they had this year, 30 students were selected for the final #DevelopHer program.

We experienced two fun-filled days…

What is American Express Makeathon?

American Express (Amex) organizes a makeathon every year as part of its diversity, inclusion, and hiring programs. This year the applications opened in March around Women’s Day.

Eligibility: The makeathon was open to women of batches 2022 and 2023 for all colleges and branches, enrolled in a 4-year B.Tech …

What is Uber She++?

She++ is Uber’s event for promoting diversity and inclusion. It is a 2-day event that includes interaction with senior leaders at Uber, a fireside chat with women engineers at Uber, and a lot more about Uber’s culture.

Application Dates: Usually opens around March (around Women’s Day).

Eligibility and Selection Process

We received a form…

What is the STEP Internship?

STEP (Student Training in Engineering Program) is a 12-week internship program for undergraduate students with a passion for computer science. The internship program has a focus on providing development opportunities for undergraduate females through technical training and professional development. Eligible students for STEP India are female undergraduates majoring in Computer…


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